Villa Granada

Villa Granada

“How do you define “magic”?

Is it that perfect location – almost close enough to smell the fireworks, yet sufficiently removed to afford relaxation far from the crowds?

Is it a spacious private villa, with enough bedrooms for all – plus, plenty of space for time together AND time apart?

Is it an expansive pool and bubbling hot tub that unfold under a ink-dipped blanket of stars –  stars you can enjoy any time of year, thanks to year-round (and complimentary) heat?

Or is “magic” all of this? Is magic really that perfect vacation alchemy that blends everything you need with everything you want: A perfect location, just 10 minutes to the main gates of the enchanting Magic Kingdom. A spacious six-bedroom, four-bath villa, with a half-acre of outdoor space, sparkling lake views, and a private game room. A private pool and cozy spa, ensconced in a screened lanai and heated year-round by solar panels (and gas back-up).

Yes, we think the real magic is Villa Granada, an upscale private home in the exclusive Formosa Gardens Village community. This is the closest you can get to the gates of Magic Kingdom.

Welcome to your wildest-dreams version of Disney magic. Villa Granada is a home for discerning travelers, for Disney families who still believe – believe in the existence of magic, of dreams, and the possibility of vacation without compromise. Welcome.”